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SiWC 2012 October 16, 2012

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So, the Surrey International Writers’ Conference is this week/weekend. It’s the 20th anniversary of the conference, and the line-up looks amazing!

This year, I am taking the Thursday evening Masters Class with Donald Maass. I attended his sessions last year, and my poor writer brain nearly imploded from the awesomeness. I can hardly wait to scrape my grey matter off the floor again this year!

I was reading through the Friday-Sunday sessions and am still blown away by the depth and breadth of topics being offered by incredibly high-calibre professionals. Want to learn how to keep track of your characters from Anne Perry? Or how to weave backstory into your plot from Diana Gabaldon? Or how to put a thrill in your thriller from Michael Slade?

I can hardly wait!


6 Responses to “SiWC 2012”

  1. Have fun, Cheryl! Hope to see some samples of the imploding brain soon. :)

    • Cheryl Angst Says:

      LOL – so do I! I seem to be in a bit of an awkward writing space at the moment. I’m hoping the conference will help me work through it, and soon my brain will be imploding all over the place!

  2. That sounds awesome! Have fun……and is Diana Gabaldon really going to be there? *swoon……

    • Cheryl Angst Says:

      She totally is! Check out the list of authors:

      If you’re local, there’s a meet & greet / autograph session Friday evening, and it’s open to the general public. You can stop by and meet your favourite authors, get your well-loved books signed, and maybe even have a drink with him/her! The best part? The event is totally free and open to everyone, not just conference attendees!

      PS Diana Gabaldon is totally amazing to talk with in person!

      • rick Sinclair Says:

        You’ve got me revved up to read more…..will wait anxiously for your updated post

      • I’m too far away to drop in. I would so love to meet Diana and to learn from her. She is my favourite author. I follow her on FB and she posted about being in Surrey. It sounds like she has been having a good time there too.

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