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Knitting Addiction January 18, 2013

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My eldest daughter turned seven at the end of November, and one of her friends gave her a knitting project as a present. I was very stressed by this because I once tried to teach myself to knit and it did not go well. 

(I made a baby bootie that is large enough for a camel, and a scarf that is long enough for a mouse. Neither of which will ever see the light of the camera.)

Both attempts were fraught with stress and frustration, so it was with great trepidation that I agreed to help my daughter try out her new knitting kit. To my immense relief, the kit didn’t contain needles, but rather a loom and a hook.

I was intrigued.

It took very little time for my daughter to master the basic technique, and within an afternoon she had knitted a purse.

I was curious.

She graciously let me try my hand at knitting a few rows, and I discovered it was ridiculously easy–even for lefties…

I was hooked. (Pardon the pun.)

My daughter’s loom was soon joined by four more round looms. Then came the square/long looms. Then the flower maker and the sock loom…

(And yes, my knitting-palooza over the holidays meant I did little to no writing.)

However, I do have some lovely things to show for my “spare” (i.e., sacrificed writing) time:


I made this lovely hat and scarf set for my mother.

And then…


I whipped this scarf off for my own use (I’m attempting a more complicated stitch pattern for the matching hat…).

And what could be more fun than flowers?


A doll hat with pillow accessory!

Pigs! Pigs are more fun than flowers!


Let me introduce you to Mr. Morris Wiffles, Esq.

I’m sure I’ll get back to writing at some point (like when my husband steals my credit card so I can no longer buy out the yarn store…), but until then, rest assured that my hands are not idle!


2 Responses to “Knitting Addiction”

  1. Laurelei Says:

    I understand completely! Several years ago, my students asked if I was going to teach them to knit. I thought it was a crazy idea, and it took a few years before I was willing to try. I found that I “came out of the yarn closet” when I taught the kids, and I’ve been knitting and crocheting voraciously since then. Since I beg, trade and freecycle as much yarn as I can to keep the kids supplied, I often have a backlog at home. What I learned was that – no matter how much yarn you have, you will NEVER have the right yarn/colour/amount/needles to do the project that you now have in mind. Thus, the need to go yarn shopping. Again. But that’s part of the fun :-)

  2. I know your pain. I haven’t been writing because I’m knitting and crocheting…….I’ve also joined (KathrynFSJ) and that feeds the addiction too……

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