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We Interrupt the Chirping Crickets for… September 22, 2011

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Some totally amazing awesomeness!


You’ve all heard me babble and gush about my fabulous cheerleader, and while this post wouldn’t exist without her (you’ll see why in a moment), this post is actually about my first book, The Firestorm Conspiracy, and some amazing people.

So, yes, all my awesome people stories begin with my cheerleader, and this one isn’t any different. You see, when Lyrical released the e-book version of Firestorm, my cheerleader dutifully trotted down to her local library and demanded, begged, bribed, politely asked the librarian to order a copy for the library. She went on, like, the second day it was out…

After my cheerleader chained herself to the doors and refused to eat or leave carefully considering her request, the librarian agreed to purchase a single copy of the e-book for the county’s library system. She immediately hopped onto gchat to tell me about this momentous moment.

I squeed and babbled and gushed, and it was all good.

Then many months later, out of the blue, I received a package in the mail. Inside, with no letter or anything, were some photos (the ones used with permission in this post). On the back of each photo was a detailed caption – basically telling me in words the story of the pictures.

Here’s where the story becomes less about my cheerleader and more about some seriously awesome people…

The story goes something like this:

My cheerleader’s library called her this week to say they had a book they were holding for her. She wasn’t surprised as she gets this call A LOT. A voracious reader, my cheerleader. :-) Anyway, she toddled off to the library to see which of her many books on reserve was in. Little did she expect the librarians to present her with this:

Real live librarians with my book in their library

They ordered a PRINT copy of my book! They wanted my cheerleader to be the first to see it in the stacks since they knew she seemed quite attached to the title. (I can’t imagine why…) They took her on a magical journey through the bookcases until they arrived at “A” in the fiction section.

Look! Look! ZOMG, look!

Firestorm among some illustrious company

Now, if that weren’t *squee* inducing enough, the tale gets better. You see, after they showed my cheerleader where the book would reside, they gleefully said to her, “It can’t go back on the shelf because SOMEONE ELSE HAS RESERVED IT.”

Can you believe it?

Not only is my book in a public library, and in the library’s online catalogue, but someone other than my blessedly amazing cheerleader wants to read my book so much they put it on reserve.

I cried when I read the story on the back of the pictures. You see, my cheerleader could have simply emailed me, or told me on gchat, that her library now has a print copy, but no, she took the trouble to take her camera BACK to the library and make the librarians re-enact the entire event so she could take pics for me.

For me.

And you know what? The librarians totally did. They were so supportive of my friend and her wacky plan to capture the moment for me – I can’t thank them enough.

I’ll never be able to thank my cheerleader for everything she’s done. Her gifts to me go beyond words.

Maybe one day I’ll write her a book…




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