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WEbook Update – Again July 6, 2010

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I have it on good authority that updates like this are interesting and positively received by those few of you who actually follow my blog… If this is not the case, and my trusty cheerleader is hallucinating (from malaria, do doubt), then I apologize. ;-)

Here we go. I entered 7 new pieces during the weekend WEbook gave me a free pass. Here are the percentages as of tonight:

Nikko’s Bond has 30 ratings with 50% wanting it elevated.

A Gift Under the Rose has 29 ratings with 27% wanting it elevated. I suspect I will receive an email in the next day or so telling me it has been removed from consideration. They do that once a page reaches 30 votes and doesn’t show signs of moving on (and 27% is way too low).

The Firestorm Defection has 30 ratings with 40% wanting it elevated. It too is in danger of being booted…

Rules of Engagement is kicking serious ass with 30 ratings and a whopping 70% approval. It’s crazy!

The Avian Chronicles: Ascension is also doing well with 31 ratings and a 58% approval.

Blood Sisters (2) [the one in third person] is still alive with 31 ratings, but only 33% want it elevated so it may bite the bullet soon.

Blood Sisters [the one in first person] is performing better, with 29 votes and 42% wanting it elevated. I’m not sure it’s strong enough to go the distance, but it is interesting to note that my theory about first person being more popular in YA seems to be holding true…

As you know, Job Hunted was elevated a looong time ago. I have a second round submission for it, and it has 36 ratings (there were two full weeks between ratings #35 and 36) with an 88% approval rating. I am pleased with this, but am beginning to despair of ever reaching the third round with the pace things are currently at.

There you have it, folks.



Page to Fame Stats June 27, 2010

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Now that I have eight entries kicking around on the Page to Fame site I thought I’d post semi-regular updates on how each page is performing.

Here’re how things stand according to my page (which is 3 days behind the actual ratings):
Nikko’s Bond has 10 ratings with 60% approval,
A Gift Under the Rose has 7 with 28%,
The Firestorm Defection has 9 with 33%,
Rules of Engagement has 9 with 78%,
Avian Chronicles has 9 with 78%,
both Blood Sisters have 10, each with 60% (both have five 4s and one 5),
and Job Hunted (5-page sample) has 32 with 94%.

Quite frankly, I am surprised at how well Rules of Engagement and Avian Chronicles are doing. I’m also shocked that my vampire tale hasn’t been ripped to shreds by people tired of vampires… I know it’s early, but I’m also surprised at the lack of difference between the two vampire tales. I expected the first person one to do better than the third person version.

I’m super proud of my 5 page rating – none of the 5-pagers I’ve rated have anywhere near as strong stats. :-)



WEbook Submissions June 21, 2010

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As I posted yesterday, I took advantage of WEbook’s offer of a free weekend to submit to their Page to Fame site. I thought I would share the blurbs for each.

Romance, Historical Fiction – A Gift Under the Rose: Siobhan’s life is shattered when the king returns from battle with her husband’s body. Her son’s place as laird is usurped by his uncle and she’s forced to flee with the boy. She seeks sanctuary in the king’s dun working as a healer and mid-wife.

Romance, Humour/Satire – Rules of Engagement: Patrick Swanson and Lydia Harper are best friends with a secret – each is in love with the other. Sparks fly when an arguably un-platonic kiss plunges the pair into a romance neither expected. Their chemistry is phenomenal, but can their friendship survive the explosion?

Sci Fi/Fantasy, Action/Adventure – The Firestorm Defection: Colonists are defecting to work in avian hard labour camps at an alarming rate, and Earth’s government wants to know why. The Firestorm and her crew must find the truth behind the defections before it’s too late – the fate of the human species depends on it.

Young Adult/Juvenile, Sci Fi/Fantasy – Nikko’s Bond: Nikko is a host – a child bred to symbiotically support one of the Old Ones. Nikko’s best friend is declared surplus when her symbiont dies before they can merge, and Nikko must decide between merging with his own symbiont or saving his friend from termination.

Young Adult/Juvenile, Thiller/Suspense – Blood Sisters: Gwen is tired of being a vampire. She wants to be like her best friend, Tricia: young, popular, and mortal. A cure for vampirism surfaces; and Tricia’s blood holds the elixir. Gwen must choose: protect her friend and continue her immortal life, or break the bonds of friendship and take the cure herself. (I actually submitted this one twice – once in first person, and again in third person POV. I’m very interested in seeing how the two versions compare)

Sci Fi/Fantasy – The Avian Chronicles: Ascension: Trilla, youngest daughter of the fourteenth Matriarch, thinks she’s below the notice of her sisters’ political machinations; until one of them tries to kill her. Thrust into a world of intrigue and corruption, Trilla must decide: flee and live as an exile, or stay and risk death to become Matriarch.


WEbook Entries June 20, 2010

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As a reward for entering the first page of Job Hunted in WEbook’s Page to Fame way back when the site was still in its beta phase, they gave me a coupon that allows me to submit for free all weekend. At first I thought, “Meh, I’m not working on anything other than my really awesome novel right now. I won’t need this.” But then I realized given how slowly the ratings are trickling in, any pages I posted would be up for months before being elevated. In addition, I would have another six months from the time anything was elevated to post the five page sample. Given that I hope to be finished Job Hunted by September, I would conceivably be starting another project around the time another page was elevated.

So, I decided to do a little brainstorming and take advantage of the free offer. As of this moment, I have submitted five more first pages, and plan on submitting at least two more (these are the same story, but I’m doing one draft in first person and the other in third person limited to see if there’s a difference in ratings).

To celebrate Father’s Day, we went to a local historical site where they were firing muzzle-loaded rifles and cannons. In addition, my husband was able to try his hand at knife and hatchet throwing. While I was there soaking up the atmosphere, the little writerly gears in my head were also turning. If there’s time tonight, I may have some historical fiction pages to toss into the ring too.

I’ll be sure to tell you all about the entries in tomorrow’s blog. ;-)



NaNoWriMo Article June 19, 2010

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Yesterday was quite momentous for me in terms of internet presence. Not only was my first ever guest blog post published, but the wonderful people at NaNoWriMo posted an article about my Wrimo adventures!

Check out:

I also have a small quote on the WEbook page ( about the stats on my five page submission. At the time I blogged about it, I had 14 ratings and all were 4s or 5s. Even with such a small sample size, I was thrilled to see the 100% next to the icon representing how many raters want to see it elevated.

I now have 26 ratings–all still 4s and 5s–but things are moving VERY slowly. All I can say is I sure hope the second round entries don’t need 200+ ratings before being elevated!



Writing Overload June 17, 2010

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Hi folks!

Tonight’s post will be quick because I have waaaay too much writing to do!

If you’ve been following me on Facebook you know I’ve been swamped with reports (excessively long evaluations of student teachers on their extended practica), but I have two other writing assignments that require immediate attention too.

I need to write a guest post for another blog for tomorrow (I’ll put the link to my post in tomorrow’s entry), and I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to write about yet!

I also need to write about my adventures with NaNoWriMo – they want to put my photo and story on their success page (I’ll post the link to that once it’s up too).

Plus, I need to get working on my novel. For some strange reason, it doesn’t appear to write itself.

Oh! And WEbook is having a free weekend for those who submitted entries early on in the site’s life. In addition, they’re lowering the rate (from $9.95 to $3.95) for the month of July – so if you’ve been thinking about putting up a first page or short story, now’s the time.

All in all, it’s going to be a busy night. ;-)



Page to Fame News! May 27, 2010

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I received an email earlier today…

Congratulations! PageToFame readers loved your first page. Your submission Job Hunted has been elevated to the next round!

Your page received a total of 247 ratings, and 53% wanted it elevated.
What’s next? Click {___} to see detailed rating results and submit the first 5 pages (1000-1200 words) of your book. If you wish to make revisions, that’s fine—it’s not necessary for Round 2 opening to be identical to your original Page 1. You have up to 6 months to submit your 5-page sample.
You also have the option of including an “extended sample” of up to 4000 words. Readers will not rate this longer sample, but will have the option of checking it out after they’re done rating your first five pages. PageToFame will track how many people read further, so you can find out how eager your fans are for more of your work.

In addition, a top-notch literary agent will rate your first page. This rating will give you a professional’s take but doesn’t affect your promotion. Your PageToFame ratings prove that you’re on the right track, and we hope you’re as proud as we are.

Best wishes,

The WEbook team


I will now spend some time polishing the first chapter and getting it ready to submit!




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