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Lucky Day June 2, 2010

I registered for SiWC 2010 today.

I had to use the free wireless at McDonald’s to do it, but I was successful. I swooped into the restaurant like an avenging angel, ordering my meal with the speed and precise enunciation of an old-school grammarian, dared my drink to be too fizzy as I pressed the cup against the lever, and tackled a mother with her octuplets as I raced for the nearest unoccupied booth.

I slid along the plastic seat and whipped my laptop out before I collided with the far wall. I waited–allowing my fries to grow cold–drumming my fingers and hitting the refresh button with the speed of a sewing machine powered by a V8 engine. “Hot diddly!” I shouted, causing the poor employee to flinch and send the piping hot fry basket spiraling into the air, as the registration form came online.

I pounced – pounced like a grey whale sounding in the strait. With my credit card proudly waved aloft, I filled in the entry form between bouts of maniacal laughter. It was done! I won! I had registered for SiWC 2010 and got my first choice of agents for the pitch session and editors for the blue pencil session! BWA HA HA HA HA!!! *cue thunder and lightning*

My luck didn’t end here either. I was surfing through my blogroll and discovered a mini-contest being run by ‘The Authoress': I chose 250 words from my WIP, crafted a lead-in sentence, and waited, poised over the keyboard until the clock struck 6 p.m. PDT.

I was successful again! In fact, not only was I one of the first ten to enter, I WAS NUMBER ONE! I now have the privilege of having my 250 words ripped to shreds by anyone and everyone who wanders over to her blog… Hmm… perhaps this is not something to get excited about… Wait, yes it is. It’s totally cool. Besides, it was a contest, and I won! *happy dance*

Feel free to check her blog tomorrow to see what sort of feedback I receive. Or, you could wait for my blog post because you know darn well I won’t be able to shut up about it. ;-)




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